Valentine’s Day Troubles: Where To Shop for Kids Clothing


A Day For Love

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, stores should be stocked with traditional red, pink, & white items to help welcome the celebration of love. Wanting to do a trend report on the day of love, I headed out to do some shopping at my local stores. Since I specialize in children’s wear I wanted to do my report on that. However, to my surprise there was little to nothing fashion wise in stores. Has Valentine’s day been forgotten?

In Search of Love

As I walked thru my local stores in search of trends and key items, I was met with no affection.  Stores such as Old Navy, Gap, and H&M had bare bone to no fixtures dedicated to this holiday. I found a couple button ups that had the traditional Valentine’s colors for Boys at H&M. Other than that, nothing else could be found at those stores. This couldn’t be it? I had to keep searching.

H&M Boy Valentine's Fixture
Old Navy Valentine's Shirt

On my way thru Walmart I found a couple of clothing items for kids. However there were tons of other Valentine’s merchandise. I found anything from cards (giant ones at that too) to stuff animals and chocolates. Nonetheless, I didn’t give up hope. If there was any retail giant, Target wouldn’t disappoint me, would it?

Feeling almost defeated, I went to Target and homegirl came thru. There was a display and about two fixtures dedicated to this time of love. I found champagne, red, and neon pink tea length tutus.

There were heart themed tees and hoodies. It was little but I was excited to see it. My research wasn’t in vain. However, seeing little to no clothing items made me wonder why nothing was in store

Where Is the Love?

Surely all retailers wouldn’t miss out on this holiday as they can make some big bucks. Reflecting back on my research, there had to be a reason why. It was right in front of me and was so logical. Valentine’s day is a holiday but it isn’t as big as Christmas as it only lasts one day.

Christmas is for a whole month, so more sales are to be made in December than January and February. Therefore people will buy some clothes. They’ll mostly spend their money on other items such as cookies, chocolates, cards, and flowers.

Valentine's chocolates

It’s All About Business

From a business standpoint, I understand. You want to capitalize on the holiday without using much retail space. Why? Retail space allows you to sell and make money year round. Therefore, as a retailer, how to maximize your floor space while making sales? You sell more valentine’s day theme clothing online.

Millennials, such as myself, do more online shopping than anyone else. Therefore the best place to capitalize for these holidays is online. This way you make your money while freeing up retail space for your spring assortment.

Love Wholeheartedly

Although there isn’t much valentine’s day themed clothing for children in store, who’s to say there isn’t any for women. Victoria Secret has a huge selection for Valentines. However, that is for another post. Despite the bare bone selection in stores, you can find several key pieces for kids online.

Nevertheless, in order to be efficient with your time shop online to get all your Valentines needs. I’m sure your little one will feel the love and be geared up for the holidays.

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