Project Update: A Touch of Hmong

Project Update: A touch of Hmong

Since quarantine started, I know I haven’t been as active on here. I apologize for that. The quarantine threw me into a loop for a second there, but I’ve stayed positive through my projects. With my most recent project, I added a touch of Hmong.

What is “a touch of Hmong”? Well as a Hmong American designer, I love to design outfits with inspiration from my Hmong heritage and/or design modern traditional Hmong clothing. Why?

Keeping The Culture

As a minority, keeping my culture, heritage, and language alive is extremely difficult. That is why in my culture, it is passed down through clothing.

In today’s post, I want to share a project update with you all. Recently, I finished designing and creating these adorable Hmong outfits from head to toe for the dance group Ntxhais Ci Ntsa

Project Challenges

Past Projects

In previous dance outfits, I used woven fabric as the main fabric choice. Even though it was great, there were some restrictions. Therefore, I challenged myself this time by making almost everything out of knits.

Why knits? Knits would allow ease, full range of movement, and would be more form-fitting. It was so much fun working on these outfits and the dance girls loved it. As well as it was another chance to learn more about creating dance costumes. You can check out the link below for the beginner’s guide.

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After seeing their eyes glimmer with glee and hearing their gracious “thank yous” upon receiving it, is the best reaction any designer can ask for.

After handing out the dance outfits, we scheduled some time to do a photoshoot. Don’t they look adorable!! Huge shout out to my husband and their dance coach for helping during the day of the photoshoot.

MK Hmong
Seamsoreal Hmong Design Project

A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and soul of it’s people.

Mahatma Gandhi

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Love of Design

When I am bringing a design to life, I always like to incorporate something from my culture and heritage. When you’re designing your projects, do you use inspiration from your heritage? Also, what fabrics do you like working with most?

Not only that, let me know some of the things you would like me to talk about? You can leave your comments below. 

Additionally, do you have a Facebook and Instagram? If so, let’s connect! 

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