22 Fashion Career Opportunities- What Can I do with a Fashion Degree?

Starting In The Industry Are you looking to pursue a Fashion career? If you are passionate about it, pursue it. Nothing can stop you from pursuing fashion if it makes you happy. A fashion career is exciting and comes with many challenges. The success of a product or fashion line depends on endless hours of […]

Is Fashion Design The Right Career For You?

When you hear the word fashion designers, you instantly think of famous designers such as Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and etc. You aspire and want to be as great as them.  You have a passion for fashion, you love to sketch, and you have a great eye for detail. However, is fashion design the […]

Why Customize a Graduation Sole?

Tools for graduation

Importance of Graduation Why is customizing a graduation sole important? To several, it is totally unnecessary. However, I find that the significance of graduation depends on what and how you view graduation. Graduation day is a huge turning point in anyone’s life. Growing up in a Hmong household, as a daughter of refugees, it marked […]

3 Essential Skills To Be A Successful Fashion Designer

3 Skills Needed Fashion Designer

Before I entered the fashion design field, I had a brief understanding of what a fashion designer did. I thought that the skills that designers needed were just designing and sewing. There was nothing more and nothing less. Related Topics: What Is A Fashion Designer?How To become A Fashion DesignerIs Fashion Design The Right Career […]

Beginner’s Fashion Design Series


Welcome to the Beginner Fashion Design Series! Below, I have organized a series of post that everybody can start to read to learn more about being a fashion designer and fashion designing. Let me know in the comments below on which topics you would like me to cover! Don’t forget to join my newsletter to […]

3 Ways Budgets Can Help Your Sewing Projects

Budgets Can Be For Creative People Too! Being creative and artistic, I often don’t want to think about uncomfortable things such as budgeting. It’s one of my greatest weakness and a weakness for many other artistic souls. As a creative individual, I saw budgets as a tool used to limit creativity. Budgets tell me that […]