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Shopping Guide on How To Looking Expensive On A Budget

I always want to look extravagant but not spend all my budget. How do I do that? How do I look expensive or get designer items on a budget? My friend, don’t fret. I will let you in on a secret that will help your wardrobe level up and budget remain the same. You just have to learn the fashion seasons.

By figuring out the fashion seasons, you will be able to plan ahead and ensure that you get that expensive look on a budget. You will be able to spot trends, shop effectively & conservatively, all the while saving your money.

Walking into any store or shopping online at the beginning of the year, there are tons of sales. That jacket that you wanted back in December is now on sale for half the price. Definitely a steal!! You saved some money and who isn’t for saving money??

As a savvy shopper, you want to steal those deals and get the biggest bang for your buck. Also, with fast fashion giants such as ZaraH&M, forever21, ASOS, and let’s not forget fashionnova, we can purchase trendy clothes at an affordable price.

Season Changes

Fashion divides itself into two seasons, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.  Spring/Summer starts from January-June, while Fall/Winter starts July-December. This is the reason why you’re seeing swimsuits in the month of January. While seeing fall merchandise in July. All retailers follow this calendar without skipping a beat.


Planning for the Months

When you’re on a budget, you need to pay attention to when the changes occur within the fashion seasons. As a consumer, understanding the fashion season allows us to plan and take advantage of the sales.

We can look expensive on a budget. We can stock up on essentials while simultaneously picking up fashion pieces.

That way we can dress up or down our wardrobe without spending much. Here is the breakdown of month by month on what you can save on while looking bougie.


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Jan-Feb: The Start of Something New

New Season Arrivals

January is the start of the spring fashion season. New spring products will be out in stores. By starting in January, retailers are maximizing their time to be able to sell their products. However, to be able to start setting up the new products, they will need to make space for it.

This means sales for us!!! Yasss!!!! Get your budgets in check to start shopping during these sales. Get that jacket that you have been eyeing since December. Or pick up that faux fur jacket to add a more chic and expensive look to your wardrobe.

Even though there’s still snow in January, retailers will discount their winter and holiday products to make space for the spring products. I know its weird to see swimsuits with this cold weather and trust me it’s the last thing on my mind too.

If you’re booked to migrate south, this works out for you. You will have all the sizes, colors, and patterns at the reach of your fingertips. Granted, it will be at full price and you probably will spend over your budget; but you will be fresh and chic for your vacation.

Keep Shopping!

Another reason why retailers have a winter sale in January and February is to keep consumers spending. Most people’s credit cards and bank accounts have taken a beating during the holidays. As a result, people won’t shop as often to recuperate.

With the stores needing space and moving inventory, retailers offer huge discounts to encourage people to continue spending more. This is when you can find huge discounts and sales to save some money without spending a lot.

Being budget conscience, take advantage of this time to stock up on winter/holiday items. This allows you to dress expensively during the winter months while stalking spring items.

The winter sale will continue into February. This allows retailers more time to sell more products and make more space for new products.

March-May: Springing into Action

best time for deals
Best Time for Deals

Use Your Budget Wisely

March thru May, there are various things happening. Hold your budget books. For the most part, spring merchandise is in stores and will remain until after Memorial Day.

With the weather warming up, people will be in a “spring cleaning” frenzy. Winter layers will be shed and packed away. Out with the old and in with the new, would be the motto. People will be looking to spend again.

Despite the spring fever, it’s best to wait until April & May. Why? Well, April is known as the sampling season. There isn’t a guarantee to what seasons designers will be clearing out, but it is usually from previous seasons.

Discounts can range anywhere from 50% to 90%. Therefore, if you stay on top of when and where your favorite designers are putting up sales, you’ll catch a great deal. Thus, making your shopping spree an absolute steal and keeping your budget in check!

Time To Get Deals On Expensive Items

April is also the month most tax refunds are made. So if you did your taxes right; you will get a huge refund in which you can use to wisely invest in your wardrobe.

As May rolls around, so does Memorial day. However, you want to shop after Memorial day as spring merchandise will be marked down by 40%. This is your opportunity to snag any spring items before it goes flying off the shelves.

By budgeting correctly, you will be able to shop these huge major sales. Those designer items will surely make your wardrobe an expensive looking one. 

June & July: Pre-Fall


In June, summer is officially here and everyone is excited to be outside. Swimsuits selections are starting to thin out but won’t be completely gone until August. Nonetheless, there is still a good selection to choose from.

Now is your time to sport all those items that you snagged in May. Pairing up spring and summer items will give you that lavish and expensive look while sunbathing at the beach. Who doesn’t want to look bougie at the beach?

Within this time frame falls July fourth. Assortments of various items such as flag theme to fireworks clothing, as well as picnic items will appear to celebrate our independence day.

Simultaneously setting with July fourth merch is pre-fall merchandise. It’s a good time to stock up essentials. Black coats, lightweight sweaters, and cardigans will help seamlessly get you thru the fall season.

August & Sept: Back to School & Fall 

best time for deals
best time for deals
best time for deals


During this time, spring merchandise is now 70% off. Therefore, you can buy swimwear without it hurting your budget and can still make it to the pools.

While spring is on sale, the back to school assortment has arrived. The new fall fashion pieces are slowly making their way to stores and will tempt you.

As a shop-alcoholic (like me), you want to pounce on the latest thing, but you must resist. Keep in mind your budget for fall and you will be able to get those expensive fashion pieces along with others at a later time.

In fact, wait until late September as fall will be in store- full-fledged. You don’t want to spend now and max out on your budget while missing out on more exciting fashion pieces later.


October: Late Fall – Pre-Holiday


With back to school and fall fashion items already in stores, official fall assortments are now hitting stores. Also, trends that you spotted and loved back in February are now re-emerging.

However, fall clothing tends to be more expensive than spring clothing. So its gonna hurt a little.

Despite the prices, if you planned effectively and budgeted well, you will save money. Not only that you will be able to get all those fashion key items to help enhance your wardrobe to look expensive.

best time for deals

November & December: Holiday Bliss


With the winter months upon us, fall is dwindling and marked down as holiday/winter assortments are revealed. Therefore, make sure whatever you purchase is in the “need” category. You also don’t want to blow through your budget.

Since it’s the holiday season, retailers won’t offer any discounts until Black Friday. Even on Black Friday you only see up to 40% discount. After Black Friday, there won’t be anything until December.

Be bold and play the waiting game because it would benefit you. Almost all retailers offer 50%-70% markdowns in late December. Have a game plan, budget well, and hop on the best deals. Here’s another opportunity to get more deals while adding pieces to your collection to look more expensive.

Shop More Spend Less

best time for deals


If your goal is to look expensive on a budget, you have to understand when is the best time to shop. To know when the best time to shop is to understand when the fashion seasons changes. This way you can plan ahead, budget, and ensure that you get what you want for less.

I hope the breakdown of fashion months have helped you. There is nothing more exciting than upgrading your wardrobe and looking expensive while not spending millions!

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