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How to make 3 tops with 1 pattern?

How to make 3 tops with 1 pattern

Making a pattern can be easy yet time consuming. However once you have worked out the kinks and perfected 1 pattern, you can turn that 1 pattern into several different tops. In today’s blog post, I will teach you how you can make 3 different tops by simply using one pattern. Basic Pattern For starters, […]

Project Update: A Touch of Hmong

Project Update: A touch of Hmong

Since quarantine started, I know I haven’t been as active on here. I apologize for that. The quarantine threw me into a loop for a second there, but I’ve stayed positive through my projects. With my most recent project, I added a touch of Hmong. What is “a touch of Hmong”? Well as a Hmong […]

Design A Lifelong Style

Design A lifelong Style

Recently I had the opportunity to create a design for my sister with zero room for mistakes. What design could be this intensive? A tattoo. Creating designs for clothes and tattoos are similar in the drafting stage. You can change and alter designs before committing to them. By committing, I mean before cutting the fabric […]

Face Mask: Make Fitted Face Masks

face mask and bow

Hey Seamers. I hope that you all are doing well and staying safe. In the midst of the virus pandemic, my family and I have been social distancing ourselves. As a result, I’ve been absent for the past two weeks.  As we all are going through tough times at the moment, don’t forget to be […]

Stress: How to Avoid It When Creating Many Outfits


THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATED LINKS. PLEASE READ MY DISCLOSURE FOR MORE INFO. Today, I will share with you my secrets on how to avoid stress when it comes to making multiple outfits that are due on the same date.  I will also share some tools that I use to achieve this. Learning and utilizing […]

Why Customize a Graduation Sole?

Tools for graduation

Importance of Graduation Why is customizing a graduation sole important? To several, it is totally unnecessary. However, I find that the significance of graduation depends on what and how you view graduation. Graduation day is a huge turning point in anyone’s life. Growing up in a Hmong household, as a daughter of refugees, it marked […]

Project: Custom Prom Dress

Custom Made Dress

The Search for the Perfect Prom Dress Besides April fools and Easter Sunday, April is the month known for Prom!! In the prior months, it meant shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Girls would search high and low for the prom dresses of their dreams. Many will purchase their dresses thru huge retailers such as Macy’s, […]