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3 Essential Skills To Be A Successful Fashion Designer

3 Skills Needed Fashion Designer

Before I entered the fashion design field, I had a brief understanding of what a fashion designer did. I thought that the skills that designers needed were just designing and sewing. There was nothing more and nothing less. Related Topics: What Is A Fashion Designer?How To become A Fashion DesignerIs Fashion Design The Right Career […]

Project: Custom Prom Dress

Custom Made Dress

The Search for the Perfect Prom Dress Besides April fools and Easter Sunday, April is the month known for Prom!! In the prior months, it meant shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Girls would search high and low for the prom dresses of their dreams. Many will purchase their dresses thru huge retailers such as Macy’s, […]

Beginner’s Fashion Design Series


Welcome to the Beginner Fashion Design Series! Below, I have organized a series of post that everybody can start to read to learn more about being a fashion designer and fashion designing. Let me know in the comments below on which topics you would like me to cover! Don’t forget to join my newsletter to […]

3 Ways Budgets Can Help Your Sewing Projects

Budgets Can Be For Creative People Too! Being creative and artistic, I often don’t want to think about uncomfortable things such as budgeting. It’s one of my greatest weakness and a weakness for many other artistic souls. As a creative individual, I saw budgets as a tool used to limit creativity. Budgets tell me that […]

How I Survived a Crazy 8 Blowout Sale: My Shopping Experience!


Growing fast As a mother of a fast growing child, I am always on the lookout for new clothes at affordable prices. There are a variety of stores that I shop at for different reasons. For fashion key items, I tend to shop at H&M, Zara, Gap, and European online websites. Everyday playwear clothes can […]

Valentine’s Day Troubles: Where To Shop for Kids Clothing


A Day For Love With Valentine’s day just around the corner, stores should be stocked with traditional red, pink, & white items to help welcome the celebration of love. Wanting to do a trend report on the day of love, I headed out to do some shopping at my local stores. Since I specialize in […]

How to Become a Fashion Designer


Fashion Designer As with any art, there isn’t a set path on how you can become a fashion designer. Like numerous of occupations, there are many ways for you to get to where you want to be. However one thing is for certain, you must know what you want to be and where you want […]

What Is A Fashion Designer?


Misconception Of A Fashion Designer People often misunderstand what  fashion designers do. In conversations, I frequently get asked, “What do you do as a fashion designer?” or “Do you only sew?” Being a fashion designer is more complex than it sounds.  It is the art of applying design, aesthetics, and natural beauty to clothing and […]