3 Ways Budgets Can Help Your Sewing Projects

Budgets Can Be For Creative People Too!

Being creative and artistic, I often don’t want to think about uncomfortable things such as budgeting. It’s one of my greatest weakness and a weakness for many other artistic souls. As a creative individual, I saw budgets as a tool used to limit creativity.

Budgets tell me that I can’t have all the items I want to complete my garments. It stifles my vision for my projects.

However, I changed my mindset and didn’t let budgets stop me. We can turn that weakness into a strength for you as well.

Spending Budgets

No Budgets=More Spending

Without a budget, my bank account always took a beating. At the end of my projects I often overspend. Sometimes, it’s worth it. Other times it’s not because I bought things that I didn’t even use.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that a budget is needed and I had to stick to it. As much as I hated it, they’re needed to help maintain my vision and help me make compromises. Budgets are essential tools when planning your projects.

Idea Budgets

Budgets & Creative Solutions

Changing my mindset on budgets and understanding how a budget is helpful, I utilize it and always recommend to my clients to have one too. Unless they have unlimited funds. I let them know that we should create a budget and stick to it.

If we don’t have a budget, I let them know that they will probably overspend or end up with an incomplete product because their funds ran out. Who’s going to be happy with that?

Here Are 3 Ways Budgets Can Help Your Sewing Projects!

Budgets Bigger Picture

1. The Big Picture

Without a budget, decisions are made as the project progress. It’s great creatively as your creative juices are able to flow and your imagination can run wild. But, your wallet will tell you otherwise.

Budgets do stifle some creativity perspective. However, we can turn a budget into our advantage. We can use it to see the larger picture and achieve what we want as the end goal. It will also help us answer the When, Where, and How questions of a project.

When do we start?

Where do we shop?

How do we complete our sewing project?

How much money can I spend on fabric, trims, notions, and etc?

Knowing the answers to these question will allow us to have a smoother experience.  Instead of spending time contemplating on what ifs, we already know what will fit in our budget.

Budget Decisions

2. Help Prioritizes Needs & Wants

After seeing the bigger picture, we can use the budget to prioritize the materials that we would need for a project.

It helps us compromise on materials and trims. For instance, if I want something expensive, I think of how much is needed.

 Also, I think of how I can compromise with something of equal value but at a lower price point. By compromising, I’m slightly altering my materials but I am able to still execute my overall vision.

Budget Shop

3. Make Decisions Easier

When I shop without a budget, I often feel like a giant kid in a candy shop. I want everything and my shopping cart fills up fast.

This can be solved easily with a budget. Budgets can help you make quicker and more informed decisions, because you know how much money you have set up for each material.

By improving your decision making abilities, it also improves your project and timeline. You can save time by knowing what you already need and want. This will lead to finishing your sewing project faster.

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Budget Plan

More Than Meets The Eye

When everyone thinks of a budget, they only think about money. However, budgets do more than just cut cost. Before starting a fashion or sewing project, everyone should get their finances in order.

Instead of budgets producing creative blocks, it should be producing ways for you to be more creative. With restrictions, we have to be more creativity with what we have. Therefore we need to be inventive in the way we approach our project to get it to be completed.

Budget for Success

Budget to Success

Having a budget is one great way that a beginner can look more like an advance fashion designer. For advanced designers who work with clients, budgets help them be more efficient and professional for their clients.

There are more benefits from having a budget then not having one. If you want to improve on your projects or work with your clients, I will share with you the template that I created and use.

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