3 Essential Skills To Be A Successful Fashion Designer

3 Skills Needed Fashion Designer

Before I entered the fashion design field, I had a brief understanding of what a fashion designer did. I thought that the skills that designers needed were just designing and sewing. There was nothing more and nothing less.

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Since being immersed in this field, it’s greatly beneficial to know beforehand what a fashion designer does. Understanding the key roles a fashion designer plays will helps you recognize what skills they have and use in order to succeed.

Here are 3 basic skill sets that you need to help you become an amazing fashion designer.

1. Creative Designing/Sketching

Creative Designs - 3 skills needed to be a successful fashion designer

The first skill you need is pretty obvious. To be able to imagine an outfit or collection is great. But, you must be able to bring your idea to life.

As a fashion designer, strong drawing skills are a necessity. It allows you the ability to put your imagination on paper or digital format.

If you are lacking in this area, don’t fret. Take some drawing and adobe classes. Then keep on practicing so that you can level up your drawing skills and taste.

Having your ideas drawn out will allow you to collate a collection. If you are designing for a client, this will allows your client to see what you envision.

Being able to visually show your design is an important part of designing because it can clear up many misunderstandings.

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2. Clear & Effective Communication

Clear & Effective Communication - 3 skills needed to be a successful fashion designer

During the design process and procedure, whether you are a corporate, freelancer, or couture house designer, you will be required to convey your designs and ideas.

When communicating only through words, things are often misunderstood. Sharing your designs with your team or client is a great way to communicate with them.

Just like the phrase, ” A picture is worth a thousand words”. Visually communicating with people through designs and sketches will produce faster and clearer communication.

Clear communication is a skill set that all fashion designers need. Without it, it will lead to unsatisfied results.

3. Business Savvy

Business Savvy - 3 skills needed to be a successful fashion designer

Another skill that fashion designers need is business. It isn’t as glamorous because it isn’t creative. However, in order to grow and survive in the fashion world, fashion designers must also be business savvy.

You must have a thorough understanding of your business which includes finance, sales, and marketing. These are essential to becoming successful in the fashion industry.

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Yes, creativity is the heart and soul of fashion, but without any business knowledge, it is really hard to profitably sustain a fashion brand.

In the words of Cardi B, “always take a business class because sometimes the career that you studied for one day is not gonna make you happy.

And you wanna become your own boss but you can’t be your own boss cuz you don’t know how to manage a business”.

Having some business knowledge is beneficial in many ways. As a fashion designer, you don’t need to be amazing in business, but you do need the fundamentals of it.

More Than One Skill

More Than 1 Skill

When people think of fashion designers, people are often confused about what they do. People often think that a fashion designer either designs or sews. Because of this, they assume that being a fashion designer is easy.

To be a fashion designer it requires more than one skill. Fashion designers must have strong artistic abilities, communicate effectively, and sharp business knowledge. Without any of these skills, any fashion designer can fail on their journey.

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