22 Fashion Career Opportunities- What Can I do with a Fashion Degree?

Starting In The Industry

Are you looking to pursue a Fashion career? If you are passionate about it, pursue it. Nothing can stop you from pursuing fashion if it makes you happy.

A fashion career is exciting and comes with many challenges. The success of a product or fashion line depends on endless hours of work. As a result, this can lead to many sleepless nights.

If you love your work, a few nights of feeling like a zombie shouldn’t hurt. I can guarantee that every day in the world of fashion will not be the same. Therefore, if a creative expression is your thing, then fashion is the right field for you.

When you think about the fashion industry, you think it’s just about being a designer. However, there are multitudes of careers in the fashion world. It’s big and diverse. From design to marketing to retail.

Since fashion touches every aspect, I have compiled a list of some fashion career opportunities that you can choose from. After graduating with your Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, you can choose to pursue some of these careers.

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fashion career

The Fashion Career People Think-Off

Fashion Designers need no introduction. They create original clothing, accessories, shoes, and etc.  We are familiar with their work. People idolize famous designers such as Dior, Elie Saab, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Philip Lim, and many more. That is why they purchase designer label products to wear.

If you want to know more about what is a fashion designer, check out my earlier blog post below.

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Designer Career


Within the fashion design field, there are many positions that you can choose from. As a designer, you can decide to work in corporate, couture house, or be an entrepreneur and start your own fashion business.

Incorporate, your position will dictate what tasks you will perform. Instead of doing everything from the start to the end, you will only do certain parts of the role.

Due to the fact that everything is mass-produced, you will have tasks specified to your job position. In general, a corporate designer will design and illustrate clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other textiles from the silhouette, color, print, and texture. 

Assistant Designer

Before becoming a head designer, every beginning designer will have to learn about the industry. What is the best place to learn it? By being the assistant to a designer.  As a result, you can get your hands-on experience by learning the process from a designer with much more experience. 

retail career

A Retail Career With Emphasis On Fashion

Another fashion career that you can go into with a fashion design degree in retail. In retail, you can work at corporate headquarters or at the physical store locations. I have listed some positions in that a retail that may interest you.


A buyer is someone who makes purchasing decisions for clothing retailers. They are more focused on the business and analytical side. Therefore, if you’re more drawn to the business side, this would be perfect for you.

Each season the buyers will choose from a line presented by the designers. They base their choices from past sales histories and upcoming trends. Depending on how big the company is, they may also do a lot of negotiating with vendors.


Assistant Buyer

As an assistant buyer, you will be assisting the buyer in their decisions for the season. By analyzing past sales and top-selling silhouettes, you will be able to make informed buying choices.

With experience, you will be able to aid the buyer in their decision in selecting products to be manufactured. As a result of working with a buyer, you can learn to identify past sales and customer habits. This will allow you to help the buyer project sales for the upcoming seasons as well.


A merchandiser will ensure that products appear in the store and online with the correct quantities at the right time. In addition, they will work closely with the buying team to forecast trends, plan for inventory, and monitor the performance of the products.

Sales Brand Manager

A sales brand manager is someone who helps shape the corporate brand strategy. They do this by establishing an effective brand message. Then, this message is integrated into the sales and promotional materials used by your company. The goal is to make sure that the company maintains its existing customers while expanding its clientele. 

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

As a personal shopper, they are people who help others shop by giving advice or making suggestions to them. They typically work for department stores and boutiques. However, there are some who freelance or work exclusively online.

Besides, celebrities often have personal shoppers as well. These shoppers actually go shop and pick up clothing, accessories, shoes, and etc for the rich and famous.

Retail Manager

Retail Managers work at the store locations and are responsible for the day to day aspect that goes on within the store. Tasks vary from customer service, staff management, stocking products, sales, and resources.

fashion career in marketing

Fashion Career In Marketing

When you hear the word marketing, you automatically associate it with sales. Although marketing does deal with sales, there’s more to it.

There are various roles that dive into the fashion sales and promotion of a brand/designer whether it be corporate, couture houses, or small designer. I’ve listed a few below.

Fashion Marketer

Fashion Marketers are responsible for identifying target customers and develop promotional strategies to help promote the target audience to buy the product. Although a fashion marketer mainly focuses on the promotion of a product, their roles could include setting product prices and planning distribution.

Fashion Public Relations Specialist

Fashion PR specialists’ role is to help clothing companies and retailers build and maintain a good public image. Finding creative ways to capture and keep the company’s image in the public eye is the sole responsibility of their job. 

Visual Merchandiser

Visual merchandiser

A visual merchandiser is responsible for designing the product displays and store layout to attract and encourage the customers to buy the products. That is why when you walk into a store if have you found it easier to move around or find things you can thank the visual merchandiser.


As a stylist for any clothing retailers, your job consists of picking out the right pieces from a collection for published editorials, photoshoots, and ad campaigns-both print, TV, and online.

Stylists can also be freelancers. they can work on their own or directly with the company. Not to mention they also can snag the opportunity to work with the rich and famous as well.

Blogger/ Fashion Writer – Magazines/ Editor for Fashion Magazines

If you love fashion and have a knack for writing, then this job is for you. There are numerous fashion magazines who are constantly looking for a fresh new talent to fill their pages with helpful fashion tips and tricks. Also, there other options such as becoming an influence or a fashion blogger like me and help your audience build their fashion skills and foundations.

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other fashion careers

Other Creative Fashion Career Opportunities

The art of fashion has changed through the ages. From recycling fashion silhouettes to sketching the body form, the foundations of the art of fashion will always remain the same. Below are some creative outlets and careers that are an essential part of the fashion world.


Teachers are an important part of the fashion world. Without teachers, we wouldn’t have acquired the knowledge that we have today. Teachers are the ones who help us build our fashion knowledge and foundation from fashion/art school.

They teach us about fashion icons, histories, and etc. Not only that, they help us network with industry leaders to get us an opportunity in the door.


You can also have a career as a model. Models are essentially walking billboards. Their job is to promote, display, or advertise commercial products/apparels.  Therefore, they can work as a freelancer or sign with an agency. Then the agency can help connect them with the best designers, photographers, and etc. that can land them, their big break.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is someone who uses cosmetic techniques and processes to enhance or create beauty on the human body/face.

Their positions can range from anyone working in Sephora to the artist prepping the model for photoshoots. Also, let’s not forget that movies and celebrities hire makeup artists as well.

Graphic Artist

Graphic Artist is someone who assembles images, patterns, typography, or motion graphics to create a design. These designs are then shown to various cross-functional teams. Then published in print, online media, apparel, and products for the company’s consumers.

Choosing your career

Choosing Your Career

Overall, the fashion world is vast, wide, and diverse. It touches many aspects from start to finish and offers many opportunities. Whichever fashion career path you choose, I hope it makes you happy and fulfilled. 

Understanding that every day won’t be the same, there will be some days where you are challenged to have a character-building day.

Don’t be afraid of challenges as they help you learn new things. Lastly, I wish you the best on your journey in leaving your imprint on the fashion world.

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